Making impact through technology

Working in a team

We love autonomy & agility and have an open feedback culture.

Our technology

Building complex integration platforms, block by block.

Life at the office

A place where you can be yourself and grow.


We connect people and technology
by the development of  digital products with a positive impact on society.


We speak tech

We use state of the art technology, because we believe that you can improve the world with digital technology. Innovation lies at our core.
Innovation is combining existing systems and bringing together in an ecosystem that turns the parts into a better whole.

Our modular technology enables us to quickly create API driven platforms through reusable building blocks.

We respond to change

We like to keep up our speed. That's why we build through agile development in sprints and are also agile in our way of working.

Putting the needs of our clients first, we are flexible and adapt to requested changes. We have a no-nonsense mentality and welcome feedback to grow our technology and ourselves.

We make it work

We stand for technical leadership, we make IT work.
Never backing down from complex challenges, solving layered problems is in our DNA.
We challenge ourselves in keeping up the highest standard of technology and deliver this thought leadership to translate this into smooth data flows in your business processes.

We are inherently transparent

We prefer transparency in everything we do. We communicate clearly about our thoughts in an open feedback culture. Both to each other and to our customers.

Through feedback circles we manage to motivate each other in a constructive way. We approach each other and the world with an open mind. We embrace diversity and are open to multiple opinions.

We are there for each other

We look beyond profit, we want to make a meaningful difference to society. We take care of each other and ourselves.
We celebrate together when things are going well, and support each other when things are not going well.
Everyone is different, and we recognize this so that everyone can be themselves.

Your career at Cubitec

Join our strong and open culture and get involved in making impact through technology.