Working in a team

At Cubitec you can find your own way of working, while we always have each other's back. We encourage everyone to speak their minds and bond over sustainability and cultural activities.

Autonomy in your team

Through daily stand-ups you know where your team is working on that day, but can also keep focus on your own projects. You learn the way of working through one-on-ones with your mentor and via video tutorials and we welcome ideas to improve our process.

Whether you prefer direct client contact, or like to deep-dive in code, you will have the freedom to be a part of the team in the way you see fit.

a group of Cubitec employees standing on a roof with a feeling of togetherness

Feedback culture

Through monthly feedback circles we create a safe space to share our thoughts on ourselves and our teammates. Not only in these circles, but throughout the day we believe honesty is a growth motor for our work and our personal development.

We believe in your growth

All of our Cubees growth is structured on a ladder, step by step we set both work and individual goals and regularly evaluating them. You mature, your salary matures with you. So you can acknowledge where you still have room to grow, and together we lay out your career path towards how you define success.

Choose your career path

Whether you would like to add your creativity to our own technology, or want to grow in a role where you take on more project management, together we build a story that works for your personal and professional growth.

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Life at the office

A place where you can be yourself and grow.

Our technology

Building complex integration platforms, block by block.

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