Life at the office

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We connect people and technology
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A place where you can be yourself

At Cubitec, we are a young team that are here for each other. It doesn't matter if you have an issue in a project for a client, or a personal question, we create a warm environment where everyone is welcome.
Choose your favourite plant at your desk and switch between different floors.

Work the way you want

If you prefer to focus and work in silence, you will feel right at home at the peace of our sixth floor.

Would you rather discuss the project you're working on with a colleague? Then we have the fifth floor, our co-working floor which also includes caller booths to have videomeetings with clients or team members.

The seventh floor is all about relaxing, where you can play Playstation VR, have a snack and enjoy the view from our rooftop terrace.

Different floors

Work together

At the fifth floor, it's ideal to work on a project together with your colleague. Or if you have a video meeting with a client, we have several meeting booths, ready for use.

There's also a workshop room, with a big television to give presentations and workshops to your team or clients.

Shht... Here we focus

At the sixth floor, we have our more quiet work space. To respect each others focus, we try to keep the talking to a minimum and answer our phones in the meeting rooms, or phone booths at the fifth floor.

Enjoy the view

Set up your desk outside and enjoy the view from the seventh floor overlooking music conservatory DeSingel.

Have a coffee and a talk with your team members and enjoy a healthy snack to reenergize yourself.

More than an office

Every day there will be freshly brewed specialty coffee for the taking from Antwerp's finest coffee roasters Caffenation.


Two times a year we go on a team building with the Cubee Family.

We cook together, go for an adventure in nature and play games to get to know each other better. A walk in the forest and a dance party in the evening, please do join us!

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Working in a team

A place where you can be yourself and grow to make the world a better place.

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Building complex integration platforms, block by block.

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