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Our philosopy

We decided to stop reinventing the wheel. We build large scale data platforms by combining reusable building blocks, from the business logic to our web components.


Lost in code

Tired of manually typing endless lines of code, writing the same boilerplate time and again, followed by never-ending debugging sessions?
Stop wasting time, getting lost in code...


Analysts with superpower

Our engineers are like analysts with superpowers, focusing on business solutions and combining building blocks to deliver software applications fast and reliably.

Mastering our technology?

Video training

Begin learning fast with our video courses, starting from a small component to a full fledged application.

Personal coach

Get paired with one of our senior developers, happy to answer your questions and become a better engineer.

Build an app

To top it all off, you use your acquired skills to build your first business application.

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Working in a team

A place where you can be yourself and grow to make the world a better place.

Life at the office

A place where you can be yourself and grow.

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