Secure document portal for Ferromac

Ferromac engages in steel trading with an eye for quality and a heart for their customers. To make the purchase process as smooth and safe as possible for their customers, they were looking for a reliable document portal.

Ferromac International

Ferromac has been a specialist in the international trade of steel for more than 12 years now. From China to Africa, they ensure that the best steel ends up in the right place. In this exchange of big amounts of steel, ownership documents are crucial. Once it has arrived, the steel is used for various types of construction projects, or for further processing into kitchen worktops, for example.

The problem

Ferromac wanted an online document portal for their customers for two main reasons: security and digitalization.
Executing secure transactions forms the basis of their steel trading. “In the past, when customers bought steel, it was possible for third parties to pose as Ferromac, so that amounts could end up in the wrong account. Thanks to our portal, this is no longer possible,” says Yasmine Pattyn, from Ferromac.

“In addition to protecting transactions, Ferromac wants to distinguish itself as a digital brand that is ready for the future.”

The solution

“After an in-depth intake interview, our needs were mapped out. After joint testing and feedback moments, our document portal was created, of which we have now had 3 successful updates,” says Yasmine. “With our secure and user-friendly portal, we can serve our customers even better. The users are happy and so are we. That shared enthusiasm increases the quality of our service and that is why customers continue to choose us.”

"With our secure and user-friendly portal, we can serve our customers even better."

Other cases

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