Loyalty Application for Colmar

Colmar restaurants are treasured among their guests, for serving quality food in a place that feels like home. With a great deal of returning customers, Colmar was looking for a loyalty application to be able to reward their clientele.


Since 1957, everyone can spend quality time with their family and friends at the Colmar Restaurants. For a fair price you can enjoy quality meals and drinks in one of the 25 restaurants in Belgium and France.

The problem

Colmar was looking for its own loyalty system that rewards their returning customers. They were looking for a software solution that could integrate with their own IT systems. “We needed a strong technical player who could set up a reliable platform. A loyalty app that puts the customer first and respects their privacy,” says David Van de Weghe, Purchase Director at Colmar.

The solution

The result is Appti, a user-friendly app that rewards Colmar customers for their loyalty. Appti is a personal piggy bank, you save every time you visit the restaurant and the more you come, the more you can save. “Cubitec took the technical lead in the project and ensured the integration of our own cash register and CRM systems. Thanks to Cubitec's proactive attitude and technical knowledge, Appti has become a successful app that we are very satisfied with. Appti now has almost 50,000 users.”

“Thanks to Cubitec's technical lead, Appti is a successful and user-friendly app with almost 50,000 satisfied users.”
- David Van de Weghe

Other cases

DATS24: local green energy platform for consumers

For Colruyt Group, we built the user portal for DATS24, that makes it possible for consumers to compare and purchase green energy tailored to your own energy consumption. In addition, it is linked to your Colruyt Xtra card, to obtain your energy even more economical.

Eoly: enabling strategic B2B energy purchase

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Colruyt Group. With their project Eoly, Colruyt Group wanted to facilitate the purchase of green energy for large companies. That is why Cubitec built a powerful calculation engine for them, which makes it possible to compare large-scale energy purchases. This enables these enterprise companies to make well-informed strategic decisions around the purchase of energy.

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