Finding daycare made child's play

Opvang.Vlaanderen brings children, parents, care initiatives and municipalities together. As a parent, you can easily find childcare and make applications on a digital platform that is available throughout Flanders. As a municipality, you gain insight into what your residents need. Is there enough supply, and is there a demand for subsidized initiatives, or not?

The problem

As a new parent you have a lot on your mind. One worry that you don't want to take on is the search for a place for your child. How do you know where there is room at all, and whether it is a childcare that suits your child? Calling around, googling, scheduling multiple visits, registering yourself on waiting lists, … That should be easier, right? Childcare can also be a tricky issue for municipalities. How many parents cannot find childcare? How long had they been looking? And should we offer more subsidized reception initiatives to our residents? Important questions for which you would rather not be in the dark, right?

The solution

With Opvang.Vlaanderen, Cubitec offers an answer to all these questions, for both parents and municipalities. As a parent, you can see the full range of childcare at a glance via a user-friendly search card. You can filter your preference, for example, I'm looking for a childminder, with a fixed price. You can also immediately apply for your child.

For municipalities, this means that they can suddenly gain insight into what is going on in the world of childcare. They can better support their residents where necessary, for example, a social worker can be linked to a parent who does not yet speak Dutch, or who has difficulty with technology. In this way, they can better respond to the needs of their residents. Another big advantage is that they do not have to collect information themselves for their reporting, but that it now ends up with Kind en Gezin at the touch of a button.

Other cases

DATS24: local green energy platform for consumers

For Colruyt Group, we built the user portal for DATS24, that makes it possible for consumers to compare and purchase green energy tailored to your own energy consumption. In addition, it is linked to your Colruyt Xtra card, to obtain your energy even more economical.

Eoly: enabling strategic B2B energy purchase

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Colruyt Group. With their project Eoly, Colruyt Group wanted to facilitate the purchase of green energy for large companies. That is why Cubitec built a powerful calculation engine for them, which makes it possible to compare large-scale energy purchases. This enables these enterprise companies to make well-informed strategic decisions around the purchase of energy.

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