A solid webshop for purchasing iron

The switch to digital is not easy for everyone, but it is usually the best thing you can do for your business. This also proved to be the case for Van Leeuwen, a big player in worldwide steel distribution. They were looking for a webshop to be able to sell smaller quantities of their steel in addition to their larger purchases.

Wauters - Van Leeuwen

Jean Wauters has been at the helm of steel distribution in Belgium for almost a century. With a wide range of steel types in stock (20,000 tons), Wauters, as part of the Van Leeuwen Group, meets all steel requirements from various branches of industry.

The problem

Previously, Van Leeuwen processed both large and small orders via fax and telephone. That data was then manually entered into an Excel file and then processed in SAP. Due to the extensive range, an error sometimes crept into one of the many steps. Especially for smaller orders, the cumbersomeness of ordering consumed time and money. However, Van Leeuwen wanted to give everyone the opportunity to order steel from them, large and small orders.

The solution

Cubitec's solution was to build a webshop that easily directs users to the products they are looking for. A clear range with a clear order function. Depending on the region, the delivery time is displayed so that the customer immediately knows when to expect Van Leeuwen Steel. “Instead of switching back and forth several times by telephone and fax, a few clicks now make it possible for the desired quantity to reach the customer as quickly as possible,” says Marie Rutsaert, Digital Expert at Van Leeuwen Pipes Belgium. “In the steel industry, setting up a web shop was not self-evident. However, I can say that I am a fan of our webshop. We have a well-functioning web shop that is clear and easy to use.”

"I am a fan of our well-functioning web shop, which is clear and easy to use."
- Marie Rutsaert

Other cases

DATS24: local green energy platform for consumers

For Colruyt Group, we built the user portal for DATS24, that makes it possible for consumers to compare and purchase green energy tailored to your own energy consumption. In addition, it is linked to your Colruyt Xtra card, to obtain your energy even more economical.

Eoly: enabling strategic B2B energy purchase

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Colruyt Group. With their project Eoly, Colruyt Group wanted to facilitate the purchase of green energy for large companies. That is why Cubitec built a powerful calculation engine for them, which makes it possible to compare large-scale energy purchases. This enables these enterprise companies to make well-informed strategic decisions around the purchase of energy.

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