A safe future for batteries

In a very short time, Bebat needed an integration platform that was ready for the rapidly evolving battery market. To have a clear overview and to guarantee the safety of their collection units, they wanted to bring together data streams from tens of thousands of measuring points and other information from their existing systems in one platform.


Bebat has been setting the tone for 25 years when it comes to safe and environmentally friendly battery collection, sorting and recycling. At European level, they have set up an international platform to continue their pioneering role. For both companies and individuals, Bebat does everything they can to make this as simple and reliable as possible at more than 24,000 locations throughout the country.

The problem

The battery market is evolving rapidly due to the enormous increase in digital devices. These newer types of batteries, such as lithium-ion, require increased safety. This involves metal containers instead of plastic containers, which are equipped with IoT-devices. These devices regularly measure the filling degree of the units and if their temperature rises too high.

Those tens of thousands of measurement points provide a constant stream of data. Because the new units would arrive very soon, Bebat wanted a software integration platform within a short time where all these data streams, together with information from other existing IT programs, come together in order to form a clear overview.

The solution

At Bebat's request, Cubitec built an initial integration platform in two months, enabling them to quickly start processing data. This first platform provided the crucial first validation of the IoT devices before the containers went into mass production. Later the platform was expanded into a more business view focused platform, which can be further built on, with extensive integrations.

By using Cubitec's own Java-based modular platform Nabu, it was possible to set up an MVP very quickly. “We had a tight deadline because the hardware was already there. That's why it was convenient that we could quickly build complex components via Nabu, many things were actually already in the platform, so we could go live very quickly," says Digital Services Manager Laurenz Kuijpers. Laurenz coordinates almost all IT projects at Bebat and is very pleased with the collaboration.

“Cubitec thinks along in function of our business needs and our platform is very agile, where other parties have rather rigid systems. We were able to generate public API's within a week, while this had been on our to-do list for a long time. For us, Cubitec's technical maturity and their exceptionally fast way of building was the reason why we work with them, and also the fact that they actually empathize with our business,” Laurenz concludes.

“We were soon able to build complex components, many parts were actually already in the Nabu platform, so we could speed up very quickly”

Other cases

DATS24: local green energy platform for consumers

For Colruyt Group, we built the user portal for DATS24, that makes it possible for consumers to compare and purchase green energy tailored to your own energy consumption. In addition, it is linked to your Colruyt Xtra card, to obtain your energy even more economical.

Eoly: enabling strategic B2B energy purchase

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Colruyt Group. With their project Eoly, Colruyt Group wanted to facilitate the purchase of green energy for large companies. That is why Cubitec built a powerful calculation engine for them, which makes it possible to compare large-scale energy purchases. This enables these enterprise companies to make well-informed strategic decisions around the purchase of energy.

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